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How to really work together?

March 26, 2017

Reaching mutual agreement is one of the most difficult aspects of teamwork. You will probably recognize this: at a meeting everyone speaks at the same time, skips from one subject to another and before you know it the meeting has come to an end and still no decisions have been made. Convergence is one of the most difficult aspects of cooperation. 

Sufficient knowledge and adequate professionals do not guarantee higher productivity. Diversity within a team can lead to conflicts that affect you emotionally. This may lead to frustration, irritation, anger or resentment, all of which drain not only your energy but also the energy of your entire team. Something you and your team really do not need! Do you also typically stand your ground in these situations or do you withdraw thinking, ‘I couldn’t care less’.

You and your people

You can try another ‘project management system’ to improve (team)performance & productivity. Hopefully that will help, but first and foremost it should be all about your most precious asset: you and your people! To get things done is based on an internal attitude and that starts with you…

The internal power, the Power to Accommodate and Adjust, illustrates what it means to ‘accommodate’ people and situations in your (work)life.

What is the power of accommodation?

If you find yourself ruled by ‘would haves’ and  ’should haves’, it’s time to embrace the Power of Accommodation. It is the ability to accept whatever has happened, to merge it with your reservoir of experiences and move on.

As this is often easier said than done, I decided to find out how it really works in practice. Working in a group is indeed a challenge.  If you are married, you may know the challenges of living with just one person. Multiply that by 25! 

Accommodation Power is essential in relationships to understand, respect and blend in with personalities and different types of individuals.”

How to accommodate?

If we try to control the people around us by forcing our will, we get frustrated and unhappy and in turn we make others unhappy too.  Alternatively, if the relationship or situation is ‘accommodated’ and not forced, the result will be positive and powerful.  “When I have fixed ideas, I can’t ‘accommodate’ because I’ll reject anything that doesn’t fit in with my preconceptions. I need to have a big heart and stretch myself internally to accept people or situations as they are and to work with that.” Such a behavioural response seemingly comes from an awareness of the self with innate positive qualities.

Experiment with the power of accommodation

If you decide to experiment with the Power to Accommodate: Do a short 5-minute meditation exercise before going to work. Allow your thoughts to flow to future situations without any limitations and allow yourself to manoeuvre. Already you can feel yourself becoming more at peace with the thought of not resisting anything.


Ask yourself these questions

In short, to accommodate is to be open to the ideas, desires, actions and presence of others whilst staying true to your authentic self. How far can my capacity expand?  How many people can I welcome in my house and in my heart?  Accepting and adapting to circumstances and making the most of what I have is a practical application of accommodation. To accommodate is to accept the past and be alive in the present.


Are you interested in other universal powers you can benefit from? Contact me, and I can tell you how to use them in your daily business and working life. Send me a message and we can have a chat.