I'm here to assist you in a creative and effective way to start working by using your available energy in the most effective way. My work is based on the premise that if you embrace change instead of resisting it, you will be able to make significant progress in both your personal development and in your team results. - Pauline van der Lee, personal developer and coach for CEO's and team members of scale ups.



Don’t just say you’re fine. Tell yourself how you really are and feel. Try to be honest! You and your team just started your own company and already you are scaling up. That’s intense. As a personal developer - or if you like, call me a coach - for frontier moving companies I have seen that this can be mind-blowing and stressful. You may work hard(er) with the risk of burning out.

So. How do you get to the next level in this high-impact and game-changing time without burning yourself out? Agile (Scrum), Holacracy, Kaizen and other methods are used in order to improve efficiency. But this is not enough. One of the prerequisites for functioning effectively in an agile environment is personal stability and life balance.

I suggest that you get as agile as the environment you work in. Not by working harder, but by effectively using the available 'energy' in the company and its people, by managing energy instead of your time. By choosing this 'growth style', you opt for long-term success.

Please, look at this signs for that you are not choosing the right 'growth style' on the long term:

  • back pain
  • headaches
  • feeling puzzled
  • insomnia
  • having a lack of energy
  • having a lack of concentration.

If you or your team are already experiencing any of these complaints, it’s time to take action.


Why coaching? When personal purpose and ambitions meet the ambitions of the company, that’s where my help comes in. Coaching directly influences the team process, because it improves personal leadership and self-managing skills.



Appreciate yourself; it generates positive vibes! Know your personal purpose so you can make the right decisions. Remember: whenever there is a 'no', there is always a 'yes!' to something else. Communicate in a constructive manner and build healthy relationships that help you and your team move forward.


Studies show meditation can help to reduce stress. Brain scans have confirmed increased activity involving self-control (left prefrontal cortex) and focus, which allows internal centering on thoughts through the default-mode network.


By eating small meals or light snacks every three hours you can renew your personal energy. Try to defuse negative emotions like irritability and impatience through deep abdominal breathing. Respond to voicemails and e-mails at designated times during the day.


Do you want to reach your desired levels of energy, health, vitality, stamina, balance, resilience and productivity? Start by building endurance, strength, flexibility and self-control.

“Working with Pauline is such a beautiful process. With her amazing creativity she manages to help me focus on the problems I want to solve and to see the path I want to follow more clearly. With her help I have a better picture of who I am: what are my strengths and what obstacles I have to pass in order to achieve my goal.”

Vlad Zinculesco - Team member at Booking.com 

“Pauline is a well-balanced individual who is able to immediately take on any situation and make it effective. She is a good listener and she is able to feel the energy in the room and act upon it. She has a strong feel for people and is able to connect with others quickly. She communicates clearly and she is a very open and honest individual. Her approach is innovative and creative. It is amazing what she gets professionals to do and feel. It has been a pleasure to work with her; I have learned a great deal from her. If you want to work on yourself or bring a team of people together in a team-building event, Pauline is the one to call.”

Melissa Raczak - Partner a Deloitte

“Pauline is a good listener. In a short period of time she has helped me reflect on different areas, thereby creating a new perspective, both professionally and personally. During our coaching sessions she helped me to cope with current situations, but more importantly she helped me gain insight into what is important to my career on the hand and to my personal life on the other hand. Consequently we designed a plan on how to achieve my goals. Her scientific approach results in specific action points with which you can take the next step towards achieving your goals. With her guidance you develop into a better professional.”

‪Ivar Pruijn‬‬‬‬‪‬ - Freelance Product Manager/Owner‬ at Cloud 9 IDE‬‬‬‬


Do you want to experience a very effective way of coaching that was exclusively developed for CEO's and people working for scale ups? Try how it works during an 1 hour free coaching session, and experience how you can work by using your energy effectively. Take this chance and just try it out!

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What can you expect from me? My work is based on the premise that if you embrace change instead of resisting it, you will be able to make significant progress in both your personal development and in your team results. Personal stability in an agile environment (of a company that's scaling up) is one of the most important prerequisites for effective functioning. For your team members it is important to gain personal strength and awareness. By creating stable people, you create a company with a team that is able to work effectively within a highly demanding, continuously changing environment.

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